Warren County, MO Recorder

Christy Bonstell

Christy Bonstell

County Recorder

Recording Requirements


  • 8 1/2″ × 11″ size
  • White or light-color, 20# weight, without watermarks or other visible inclusions
  • One or more pages, printed on one side only (no continuous forms)


  • First page:        3 inches of vertical space from left to right across top of page for Recorder’s use
    Minimum 3⁄4″ margins on the left, right and bottom of page
  • Other Pages:    Minimum 3⁄4″ margins on the left, right, top and bottom of page


  • Minimum of eight (8) point type (printer’s type-NOT computer font size)
  • Black or dark ink


  • No attachments stapled or otherwise affixed to any page except as necessary to comply with statutory requirements (Firmly attached label with bar code or return address is acceptable. “Attachment” does not refer to Exhibit but to additions to a document page)


  • No permanent binding (staple for presentation for recording acceptable)


  • Document must be sufficiently legible to produce a clear & legible reproduction from record. No watermarks or other visible inclusions are allowed. Seals may not cover any of the document information. Illegible documents must be accompanied by an exact typewritten/printed copy of acceptable size, color, clarity and contrast to be recorded contemporaneously as additional pages of the document.


  • All signatures shall be in black or dark ink, capable of legible reproduction & shall have the corresponding name typed, printed or stamped underneath the signature.


  • Every document containing any of the items listed in this subsection that is presented for recordation, except plats and surveys, shall have such information on the first page below the 3″ horizontal top margin:
    1. Title of the document (instrument type);
    2. Date of the document;
    3. Grantors’ names (It is the filer’s/preparer’s responsibility to designate with the word “Grantor”) and marital status (required on all document types that transfer land);
    4. Grantees’ names (It is the filer’s/preparer’s responsibility to designate with the word “Grantee”));
    5. Any statutorily required addressed (i.e. “Grantee’s Mailing Address”);
    6. The legal description of the property affected (Property address in not accepted as legal description);
    7. Reference book & page numbers for statutory requirements. if applicable. If there is not sufficient room or the first page for all the information required by this subsection, the page reference within the document where the information is set out shall be stated on the first page.


  • From January 1st, 2002, documents which do not meet the required standards set forth by this section may be recorded for a fee of twenty-five dollars over and above the statutory recording fees.
    1. Documents which were signed prior to January 1st, 2002;
    2. Military separation papers;
    3. Documents executed outside the United States;
    4. Certified copies of documents, including birth and death certificates;
    5. Any document where one of the original parties is deceased or otherwise incapacitated;
    6. Judgments or other documents formatted to meet court requirements;
    7. Uniform Commercial Code filings submitted on Missouri accepted forms and in compliance with RA9 effective July 15, 2001.


  • All documents presented for re-recording must meet all of the above listed standard requirements (including margins legibility, and first page information) as if being presented as a new document.

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