Warren County, MO Recorder

Christy Bonstell

Christy Bonstell

County Recorder

Property Fraud Alert

WHO: Property Fraud Alert is a free public service provided to you by your elected County Recorder.

WHAT: Property Fraud Alert is a FREE service that will notify you via phone or email if a document is recorded in Warren County under your name.

WHEN: Someone may attempt to illegally use your property for financial game. This occurs when a fraudulent document is drawn up in your name in an attempt to illegally acquire your property through a sale, home equity loan, or other means.

WHERE: Click HERE to sign up for PFA and protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially losing your most valuable asset—your home.

WHY: Property Fraud is on the rise in America millions of Americans are losing their home or getting swept into lengthy legal battles for their property. This FREE service is provided to you to help safeguard you against becoming a victim of Property Fraud; by signing up, you are taking the first steps in protecting your most valuable asset, your home.

HOW: Property Fraud Alert will notify you via phone or email when a document is recorded in Warren County You can sign up 3 names per phone number or 4 names per email address. Signing up is quick and easy! If you receive a notification, you can work with Warren County Recorder of Deeds to ensure you do not become a victim of Property Fraud.

**Your information will not be sold or used for proprietary purposes.

Protect yourself and the ones you love, sign up for PFA Today!

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